Best Office Chair Under $500 (Year 2018)

Are you planning to setup your office or renovate your office rooms? Alternatively, are you a home-based employee and planning to buy a new chair to do your office work? In both scenarios, the trickiest thing to buy will be your office chair.

The chair you are going to spend your seven to eight hours every day. Office work requires you to stay in one position. Like many other products, we have got a variety of chairs types from a variety of brands and sellers.

This thing creates great confusion while selecting a right chair for you or your employees. Therefore, to ease your problem, we are giving you a brief guideline for choosing a right office chair along with the list of the best office chair that comes under $500.

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Serta Executive Office Chair

Top Best

Amazon Basics Low-Back Task Chair

The 2nd

Comfort Products Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

The 3rd

Office Star Faux Leather Manager’s Chair

The 4th

Ergonomic Executive Desk Task Office Chair

The 5th


It might be very difficult to buy an office chair for a person having no previous experience of knowledge of purchasing furniture.

Therefore, here we will assist you through discussing few questions that might arise in your mind and through providing satisfactory answers to these questions.

Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta Executive Office Chair

Why is it important to buy a right office chair?

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair

Normally, while buying furniture for your office or yourself, many people consider an office chair an ordinary thing that gets hidden behind the desk. Therefore, they invest a huge amount of their time and money on buying a good-looking desk that comes with many well-organized storage places.

This approach is wrong. The office chair is not just a part of your office/home furniture. Rather, it is a factor that decides your/employees productivity and their health condition. 

Office timings usually exceed 6 hours per day. In this way, workers spend a huge amount of their time while sitting in their seats.

Therefore, this can have bad effects on their health as human bodies are made to keep moving rather than constantly sitting got this much long time. Therefore, to reduce the consequences of prolonged sitting, proper importance should be given to buy a right office chair.

What are the side effects of having bad office chair?

Having a bad office chair can give you discomfort. Discomfort affects your mood and can cause you a backache.

The adverse effects might result in the shape of improper digestion, distorted body posture, elevated stress level, continuous back pain, and other veins disorders.

Besides these health effects, bad office chair can also impact on your work performance. 

Comfort Products 60-5607M Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

Comfort Products 60-5607M Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

No matter, how talented or experienced you are, if you have uncomfortable seating, you would end up with zero or decreased productivity.

What are the benefits of having good office chair?

Office Star Faux Leather Manager’s Chair

Office Star Faux Leather Manager’s Chair

Having a good office chair for yourself or your employees can have many benefits. The most important benefit is reduced back strain/ache that might make many healthy people ill for their whole life. Besides reduced back pain, there are few other benefits of the chair:

  • A right office chair can provide adequate support for your body and can prevent fatigue and discomfort during prolonged sitting.
  • The most crucial benefit is it makes a person feel comfortable and being a comfortable means improved performance, improved health and improved personality.
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  • A right office chair can make you or your employees contented, and it would impact positively towards office/home environment.
  • It is a common fact, that uncomfortable person asks for more breaks from work rather than a comfortable person. Therefore, through choosing right office chair, some breaks will be reduced, and work effectively and efficiency will increase.

Important factors to consider while buying an office chair?

The important factors that you should consider in an office chair include lumbar support, adjustability, wheelbase, swivel base, and fabric.

  • Lumbar support: This is the support for the lower back of the seated person. It is very important to prevent back ache.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability refers to the ability of chair to give height and arm adjustment to the seated person. A good quality chair comes with 5 to 14 different adjustment options to give a person an opportunity to adjust its chair according to the body requirement.
Black PU Leather Ergonomic Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair

Black PU Leather Ergonomic Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair

  • Wheelbase: Having wheels in an office chair is very important to reduce unnecessary movements while reaching something placed in a bit far position. However, before buying a chair, the floor type of office should be considered. A carpeted floor asks for different types of wheelbase as compared to tiles or marble floors.
  • Swivel Base: It refers to the factor that lets chair revolve or move freely. This feature is very important to keep seater free from arm fatigue that might cause through extensive arm movement.
  • Fabric: The fabric of the chair should have the ability to sustain normal temperature. You can do it by placing fabric that is breathable and comfortable. Additionally, the cushions of the chair should be filled properly to no create any comfort.

What additional points to consider while buying an office chair?

Beside basic factors, few other things should keep in mind while purchasing an office chair. These things include footrest, the center of the chair, length of the seat, and price of the chair.

What to do if I cannot afford a good quality chair?

If you cannot buy a good quality chair because of its increased price, then you can opt for good quality second-hand chair rather than buying a new one with poor quality and features. These second-hand chairs can be less expensive, and you may get many stores that will be selling these chairs in good conditions too.

However, you should take proper care before selecting a used chair to ensure quality and condition. Beside this, you can visit different stores to check their price range, and buy from that store who are selling the same product at the reduced price.

There are many renowned brands, which offers very affordable ranges chair during sale season. You should check all such options to buy a good quality chair in affordable price.

What to do before buying office chair to prevent money loss?

When you have decided a good quality office chair for yourself or your employees, then, do not hurry to buy it. Take a time and check it properly.

Also, try seating on the chair before finalizing the purchase. Sitting on the chair and checking its comfort and other basic factors are very important.

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Also, if you get a chance, try to bring a chair in your working important for starting few days. The thing that looks attractive and perfect in a showroom might not work properly inside your home/ office. Therefore give chairs a try before buying them.

Moreover, ask the salesperson to give you money back guarantee for a specific period, as the quality of a chair reveals after some time when its bad health effects start appearing. These steps would help you prevent future loss.

Best Office Chair Under $500 Reviews

1. Serta Executive Office Chair Review

Serta Executive Office Chair comes with luxurious layered body pillows and pillowed headrest to provide comfort. It possesses contoured lumbar to provide support to lower back.

It comes with waterfall edges of the seat to reduce stress on the back of the legs. Moreover, the chair features multi-surface wheels for improved performance.


  • check
    This chair might be a highly comfortable option for you, because of its additional pillowed headrest and layered body pillows.
  • check
    It might be easy to adjust for you because of its lever that allows adjustment merely by tapping a lever.


  • As the color of chair light and fiber used is microfiber, it might get dirty easily.

This chair can provide you luxurious and comfortable sitting with its additional pillows along with waterfall seat edging. Additionally, its wheels are sturdy, and you can adjust it quickly. If this is all you want, then this can be a good chair option for you in an affordable price range. However, some additional effort will be required to keep it clean. Keeping aside its negative points the chair is a must have for you.

2. Office Star Faux Leather Manager’s Chair Review

Office Star Faux Leather Manager’s Chair contains faux leather fabric along with built-in lumbar support system to provide support to lower back. It comes with the option to adjust seat height easily through tilt control.

It additionally contains padded arms and dual wheel carpet casters. The base of the seat is from Nylon base.


  • check
    It might be a comfortable chair option for you, because of its lumbar support, height adjustment, and padded arms to provide full support to the body.
  • check
    It might be easy to adjust its position and height because of its tilt control option.


  • It might be uncomfortable for you, because of faux leather that is not breathable.

This chair provides lower back, adjustable height, padded arms and rotating base to provide a plenty of comfort within affordable price range. You can go for this chair, if you can adjust with unbreathable faux leather, and can also take some extra care because faux leather gets torn easily however with proper care the chair can last.

3. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair Review

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair contains padded seat and full-length back to offer additional support and comfort to your body. It additionally contains pneumatic seat-height adjustments.

That means the height of the seat gets adjusted by putting pressure on it. You can do this through sitting on it easily. It provides a swivel of 360-degrees that means a chair can revolve in all direction to increase ease of accessing different things from drawers.

Additionally, it contains durable wheels that move freely to let the person movable while sitting on the chair. Its dimensions are 25.2L by 18.7W by 34.6-37.8H inches.

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  • check
    It might be highly comfortable to use this chair because of its seat and padded back material that is breathable too.
  • check
    It might be easy to use because of its pneumatic seat adjustments.


  • As this chair intends to provide support to lower back, it might cause neck pain while keeping the neck straight without any support for a long period.

Overall, the chair contains all essential items to provide comfortable seating. It includes revolving and swivel base, along with well-padded back and seat with easy adjustments. All these features are obtainable in reasonable price range too. However, if you are easy with a lower back chair without having support for neck and head, then this is a product for you.

4. Black PU Leather Ergonomic Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair Review

Ergonomic Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair is from PU leather that is soft and comfortable to sit on it.

Additionally, it contains heavy leather padding to give increase comfort. It came with executive style and elevated back to provide full support. It further provides lumbar support, 360-degrees swivel and pneumatic Gas lift for easy adjustments.


  • check
    This chair might be easy to keep clean, because of it PU leather that is oil and water resistant.
  • check
    It might be highly comfortable chair option for you because of its elevated back that provides support to back, neck, and head as well.


  • Manufacturers of the seat are PU leather; it might cause heating because of its non-breathability.

If you can survive with leather material, or you are going to use it in normal temperature room, then this chair can be a good option for your workplace. Besides providing lower back support, it is easy to adjust and provides neck and head resting place too.

5. Comfort Products 60-5607M Mid-Back Leather Office Chair Review

Comfort Products 60-5607M Leather Office Chair is a mid-back office task chair that besides providing lumbar support, also gives plenty of support to your back. It comes with molded loop arms to provide additional comfort and to reduce strain on shoulders.

Its base is made up of sturdy nylon, and full chair cushion is with soft leather. Its height is easily adjustable with pneumatic lift and also contains swivel back.


  • check
    It might give you additional comfort as compared to other chairs, because of its lumber support and molded loop arms that serve the purpose of reducing strain on shoulders.
  • check
    As its cushion is made up of leather, it can be highly soft and soothing for you.


  • The seat might get torn easily.

It can provide you a heavy-duty performance with its swivel base, revolving wheels, comfortable back and padded loops. If you can go along with leather fabric, then this chair should be your pick as it solves your problem.


We spend most of our time sitting doing office or house work. Selecting a right office chair is crucial both for employers and employees. In this article, we have discussed brief buyer guideline regarding buying an office chair. We have also given a brief review of best office chair under $500. These details might help you in getting an office chair of your choice. After reading the article, you know that a wrong chair can affect your health and your mood hence causing you discomfort.