The Best Office Chair Under $100 (Year 2018)

Are you looking for office chairs for your office or some other place? Then, this write-up has something to offer you. We all know it completely that how tedious it feels to buy office chair under $100.

Additionally, if you have a limited budget, then things can become more difficult for you. Expensive things offer high quality while inexpensive doesn’t. Though this perception is somehow right too, spending a huge amount of money is not the only solution in purchasing a right office chair. Now, you must be wondering why?

The answer is office chairs are dissimilar to other furniture items. Its appearance hardly matters. The main thing that needs your consideration is its ergonomics. It should be manufactured by keeping the real user in mind. If ergonomics of the chair is neglected, then it will result in a reduction of worker productivity.

Now, as you know what important factors in office chair are, we have presented a list along with brief review of best office chairs in reasonable price range.

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AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Top Best

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

The 2nd

Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

The 3rd

AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair

The 4th

Boss Office Products B315-BE Office Chair

The 5th

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Office Chair

The 6th

Comfort Products 60-5607M Office Chair

The 7th

Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Office Chair

The 8th

1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair Review

AmazonBasics Mid-Back is an office chair with good ergonomics. The most prominent feature of this chair is its meshed back. This contoured mesh back makes chair breathable and doesn’t cause a sudden increase in the temperature of the person seating on it.

Another important feature of this chair is its well-padded seat cushions and height adjustments. It comes with pneumatic seat-height adjustments that offer a broad range of adjustments to accommodate people of different heights. It can help in proper sitting for all type of tall, small, slim and bulky people with its 225 pounds weight endurance capacity and height adjustments.

Additionally, it also comes with tilt-tension knob to adjust chair’s tilt position. The size dimensions of the chair are 25.2 inches in depth, 24 inches in width, and 36.5 to 40.3 inches in height. If we consider its price range, then it is slightly higher than other items included in the list of best office chair under your budget. However, considering its different adjustments options and exceptional features, this price is nothing.


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    This office chair can make you feel comfortable even in hot weather, because of its breathable back.
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    Despite worrying about your height, you might get adjusted in this chair easily with its varying height adjustments.
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    It might offer you straight back position as well as tilted to take some rest.
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    With its dual-wheel casters, it can help you in moving freely.


  • As its arms are uncushioned, it might create some inconvenience for workers.

This chair can offer your good ergonomics with varying height adjustments, back position adjustments, breathable back, and free movement. You can get all these features in slightly higher than average price.

2. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review

AmazonBasics Mid-Back is another office chair included in our list of the best office chair under your budget. This chair comes with upholstery of bonded leather. The leather used is very smooth with black color. This feature besides giving comfort also enhances the looks of the chair. This chair contains adequate padding both at the seat and back of the chair to provide extensive relaxed feelings.

It also contains pneumatic seat-height adjustments that assist in setting the height of the seat according to your requirements easily. This office chair with the help of its dual-wheel casters can make you able to move freely across your desk. It also comes with tilt-tension knob to change the position of the chair back. This chair can withstand the maximum weight of 225 pounds.

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If price range of this chair is considered, then it is higher than other office chairs. However, it is only a few dollars more than others. Otherwise, the features and appearance it offers seriously worth this price range.


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    It might offer highly soft back and seat padding, because of its bonded leather material.
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    Because of having leather material, it might look quite elegant and exquisite.
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    As it armrests is also padded, it might offer you a very comfortable experience.
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    This chair can offer you the option to keep its back straight or rocking with its tilt-tension knob.


  • The padding of this chair might get deteriorated soon, because of having bonded leather.
  • You might need to take some extra care with its cushioning because bonded leather can tear easily.

With its elegant appearance, this chair can offer you relaxing experience, soft padding, comfortable armrests, and a wide variety of seat adjustments. However, to get all these features, you also need to spend some extra money.

3. Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair Review

This Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair comes in beautiful black color. The most distinguished feature of this chair is its meshed back and padded mesh seat. Both these features help in maintaining the temperature and prevent heavy sweating. It also contains nylon T-arms that ensure it’s ergonomic characteristics.

With its pneumatic seat height adjustments, it offers a variety of seat settings. It can withstand the weight capacity of 250 pounds. With its fire retardant foam, it offers high density and longer lifespan.

This office chair also ensures free movement through its dual-wheel casters. The size dimensions of the seat are 21 x 24 x 39 inches. As far as the price range of this chair is concerned, it is the most expensive chair among the list of best office chairs under your budget.


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    This chair might offer high breathability and ability to cope with hot temperature because of its meshed back.
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    It might keep your arm free of fatigue or pain, because of its T-arms.
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    It might give you elevated comfort level because of its padded back and seat.
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    Besides having other ergonomics feature, this office chair also has a good appearance.


  • As it doesn’t come with stationary arms, it might create some problem for people having different heights.
  • Its seat back is stationary and can not be tilted. It might make people tired because of having a straight position for long.

This chair can offer well-padded back and seat, comfortable armrests, a movable base, and good appearance. If you are willing to pay some extra bucks, then this chair should be your pick.

4. Boss Office Products B315-BE Office Chair Review

The Boss Office Product B315-BE chair comes in blue color and offers perfect posture. The most distinguished feature of this chair is its built-in lumbar support and waterfall seat structure.

The first feature offers an opportunity to adjust the seat to provide support at the lower back. The second feature offers tireless and stress-free experience through its ergonomic structure. Both back and seat of this chair are properly padded with deluxe fabric.

This office chair offers both types of adjustments. One is height adjustment that is performed through pneumatic height-adjustment easily. The second adjustment is back depth. You can adjust the curve of back according to your requirements of the straight or curved back.

With its hooded double-wheel casters, it can be moved easily to pick any far away thing. The base of this office chair is made up of five-star nylon with the diameter of 25 inches that offers full swivel. If we discuss the price range of this chair, then it also comes under the category of lowest priced chairs among the list of best office chair under your budget.

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    It might be easy to transport this chair, because of its lightweight.
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    People of any size and requirements can find this chair suitable, because of its wide variety of adjustments.
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    It can offer the highest ergonomics through its lumbar support and waterfall structure.
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    It can be affordable office chair for you.


  • As this chair is armless, it might create some trouble for people who work on computers.

This office chair offers lumbar support, ergonomic structure, full swivel, easy movability, and heavy-duty material. All these features are available in a very nominal price range too.

5. AmazonBasics Low-Back Office Chair Review

This AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair comes with the meshed seat back. This contoured mesh provides great support and breathability to the user. The seat of this chair is padded heavily. It is 2-inches thicker than usually seat padding. This chair can offer additional comfort through this feature.

This computer chair contains pneumatic seat-height adjustments. With the help of pneumatic adjustments, the user can simply increase or decrease the weight applied on the seat to change the adjustments. The ergonomic factor of this computer chair is ensured through smooth-rolling casters. These wheels let the user move freely around their workplace.

This chair can withstand the maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds. It means it can easily accommodate a bulky person of varying height. The size dimensions of this chair are 22.5 inches deep, 21.5 inches wide and 30.5 to 34.5 inches high. Besides having all these useful features, the price range of this chair is very much affordable. You can purchase it easily.


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    It might be very easy for the user to change seat adjustments because of its pneumatic height adjustments.
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    It might be more comfortable for the user than other chairs because of its additional padding.
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    With its height adjustments and 225 pounds of weight endurance, this chair can easily accommodate people of varying body sizes.
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    With its durable and movable base, it offers a versatile range of motion.


  • As this chair doesn’t come with adjustable lumbar support, it might create a problem for people having some old injuries.
  • As this seat cannot recline a lot, it doesn’t offer many adjustments between seat and back column.

If you purchase this chair, you can get movability, height adjustments, comfortable sitting, good-looks, and breathability. Also, for all these features, you won’t have to pay out of your budget.

6. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Office Chair Review

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task chair comes with a thick padding of seat and back. The padding of the chair is upholstered in black fabric that besides giving comfortable feelings also offers breathability.

Like many other office chairs included in our list of best office chair under your budget, this one also comes with pneumatic height adjustments. This is one of the most important things among office chairs. This chair also contains a variety of height adjustments to accommodate people of varying heights easily.

The base of this chair is made up of durable nylon arched. The presence of five legs with smooth-rolling wheels makes it stable and movable. This office chair also offers slightly more weight endurance. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 250 pounds. Besides having amazing features, the price range of this chair lies at middle range among our list.


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    It might be good chair option for people having back problems, because of its wide variety of adjustments.
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    It might give easy movements by putting small effort through its smooth-rolling casters.
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    This chair offers increased comfort and breathability during hot weathers because of its fabric.
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    With this chair, you can have few relaxed minutes during hectic routing because of its ability to recline through its tension-tilt knob.


  • Because of its swivel bottom, it might keep revolving even on slightest movement.
  • As this chair doesn’t contain armrests, it can create some difficulty for people having habits of using chairs with armrests.

7. Comfort Products 60-5607M Office Chair Review

This Comfort Products 60-5607M Office Chair is a Mid-Back chair. The fabric used at the back and seat of this chair is genuine leather. Using leather material besides giving elegant looks also provide comfortable feelings.

This chair comes with an opportunity to help the user in completely changing the chair settings according to their requirements. It not only offers height adjustments but also back position adjustments and arm sets adjustments as well.

Unlike other mostly office chairs, it comes with molded armrests. This feature helps in reducing stress in shoulders and arms. With its waterfall structure, it offers relaxation to user’s legs.

With its durable base with five legs, it can be moved easily by putting a little effort. Despite all these exceptional features, the price range is very nominal.


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    This chair might look graceful at your office or home, because of its leather material.
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    It might offer durable padding, because of having genuine leather.
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    It might be good chair option for youngsters as well as people with back problems, because of its lumbar support and height plus back adjustments.
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    This chair might make you feel super comfortable because of its molded arm sets.


  • Though the leather material is durable, it might make you feel hot and sweat heavily during hot weathers.

This chair offers durability, elegance, extensive adjustments, comfort, armrests, ergonomically approved waterfall structure and few other benefits. The cherry on the top, all these features are available in a very low price.

8. Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Office Chair Review

This Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair comes with a unique style. It possesses molded armrests to provide relaxation to user shoulders and arms after having a hectic day.

With its meshed back, it provides breathability during warm weathers. It also provides facility to accommodate the people of various height ranges through its pneumatic height adjustments from the height of 19 inches to 23 inches from the ground.

With its metal base, it can offer great durability. With its five legs and smooth-rolling wheels, it provides 360-degree easy swivel. The price range of this chair lies in average range among the list of best office chair under your budget.


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    This chair can offer maximum durability and long life because of its metal base.
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    It provides extensive ergonomic through its tension-tilt knob and height adjustments.
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    The unique style of the chair back offers a comfortable place for the headrest.
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    It might be stable chair option for you because of its five legs.


  • As it doesn’t come assembles, inexperienced people might find it difficult to assemble the chair.
  • Because of its inclined back, few people might feel uncomfortable.

With its unique ergonomic style, this chair can offer extensive comfortable feelings and height adjustments. Additional features include stability, easy revolving, sturdiness, and armrests. If these features are all you are looking for, then this chair worth your money.


It is crucial to purchase a right office chair. The reason is its suitability will decide the productivity of your employees or any person using this chair. There are different factors that should be considered while purchasing the chair. In this article, we have produced the reviews of best office chair under $100 along with their brief review. The main advantage of all these listed products is that they are ergonomically suitable for users and asks for your affordable budget. If we are asked to decide the top product among all list office chairs, then our pick will be AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair. The reason is, it is offering wide adjustments and features in a very nominal price range.