Best Massage Chair Pad of 2018 & Buying Guide

You might have heard phrases like “zero-gravity recline” and “zero-gravity chair” before, but not everyone knows exactly what it means.  What are zero-gravity chairs, and why are they such a big deal?

Our buyer’s guide will answer these questions and more, and evaluate some popular ZG chairs for those interested in bringing this surprisingly beneficial trend into their homes.

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Belmint Shiatsu Back Massager Pad

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Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massage Cushion

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Gideon™Customizable Massaging Cushion

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Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Seat Cushion

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HoMedics Massage Cushion

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Buyer’s Guide

Before we move towards the products, it is better that we know the different components of massage chair pads.

Knowing the importance and functionality of each component will help you in selecting the right massage chair pad for yourself. The buyer’s guide is designed to help you through this stage.

Belmint Shiatsu Back Massager Pad

Belmint Shiatsu Back Massager Pad

What is the difference between a massage chair pad and a massage chair?

Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massage Cushion

Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massage Cushion

A massage chair and a massage chair pad are both designed for different uses and different people. If you opt for buying a massage chair pad over the massage chair, you will save a lot of money and space.

The massage chair pad is an ideal choice for those who are on a tight budget. Massage chair pads or cushions can be taken anywhere; you can strap it on your car seat, office chair, or any other chair you sit. The purpose of a massage chair pad is to give massage to the neck, back, and seat of the body.

How does my body benefit from using massage chair pads?

The benefits of using a massage chair pad or a massage chair are mainly the same. You will be amazed to know how effective a massage chair pad or massage cushion is for the overall well-being of your body.

These are not only designed to give you stress relief, but a weekly massage will give you relief from lower back pain, improve the quality of your sleep and maintain your blood pressure. The combination of heat, massage, and cushions in the massage chair pads help to relax your muscles and make you sleep better. 

Gideon™ Customizable Massaging Cushion

Gideon™ Customizable Massaging Cushion

Massage using massage chair pads helps in keeping the heart rate low which in turn maintains the blood pressure of the body. Massage helps you recover from muscle fatigue, depression, and pregnancy pains.

How does the massage chair pad work and function?

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Seat Cushion

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Seat Cushion

It is one common question that comes into the minds of people who want to buy one but don’t understand how this thing gives you a massage. The massage chair pads have assorted rollers and balls that are activated when the pad is turned on. Then there is an inbuilt heating system as well.

The massage chair pads will provide you with vibrations, heat and rolling functions that will give your body a gentle, warm and soothing massage. You can charge it through batteries or a direct power supply from the main.

How to choose the right massage chair pads for your body?

There are many different types of massage chair pads, and massage cushions in the market and not all of them are the same. When choosing the right massage chair pad for yourself, the brand name should not be the primary component; you must focus on the factors that will give you a great massage and improve your health.

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There is always a criterion to select the right products before buying them. Same is the case with massage chair pads. The criteria for massage chair pads includes specifications of the product, size of the cushion, short term or long term solution, massage cushion features and warranty of the product. Considering all of these factors will guarantee the right product for you.

HoMedics Massage Cushion

HoMedics Massage Cushion

What specifications of the massage chair pad will benefit me?

Different massage chair pads have different specifications. There is always a purpose behind buying a massage chair pad. You need to be sure of what you want in the first place.

Taking someone’s recommendation to buy a massage chair pad is not a good option. Every person is different from the other. Massage chair pad will depend on why you need and what is your regular activity.

If you are a sports person, you will need a massage cushion that will help you loosen muscles. Decide if you need the heating feature and how can it help you.

Some massage pads only have the rolling, chopping and kneading function whereas some that are more high tech will offer you the Shiatsu massage. In simple words, choosing the specifications depends on the specifications of your body.

How does the size of the cushion affect the massage?

The size of the cushion is the most important factor that should be considered. Every massage chair pad has different a cushion size. Some are a full height that also includes a headrest while some massage chair pads that focus on the lumbar area have a low cushion size.

So this depends on your requirements. Some massage chair pads have the option to customize your massage, and for that, you will be able to add and remove supports like arm supports and lumbar paddings.

Should I purchase a short-term or a long-term massage product?

When you have decided the focus area of your body and the size of the cushion, next is to choose between the short term and long term solution. This factor is important because it can help you save a lot of money.

If you have minor injuries and short-term issues and pains in your body, you must buy a short term massage chair pad because they are low priced. Low-priced models will not last long, but they will be there for you till you need them. So why buy a luxurious one and waste your hard earned money when your requirement is not for a long period.

However, if you want to keep the massage chair pads with you for a longer period or may be forever, then the luxurious and high priced models are the only option.

What massage cushion features should I look for my self?

The features of the cushion depend on your requirements and problems. Everyone has different problems, and everyone needs to consider different features of the cushion.

For example: if someone has a posture problem, then the cushion with additional support for the lumber region will be perfect. So considering the features of the cushion will help you choose the exact massage chair pad for all your body issues and pains. it can go the other way round, if you choose the wrong product and start using it, it may end up in boosting your pain. You may have to sacrifice some money in order to get the right cushion features for your massage chair pads.

Why should I consider the warranty and repair policy on the product?

When you are done with your research on the product, the last thing you must check is the brand and their policies related to warranty and repairs. If you want your massage cushion to last long, check the length of the warranty.

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The warranty may be the life of the cushion. However, cushions with longer warranties are built with high standard and high quality. You can also do a background check on the brand and the manufacturer. It will help you learn about their products and also know how durable and long lasting their products are.

Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews

Now that you know what factors to consider when buying a massage chair pad for your massage solutions, you must check our list of products that we have gathered for your ease. Pick out from these five best massage chair pads that suit your requirements.

1. Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massage Cushion Review

The Zyllion massager cushion comes with a soothing heat function and provides three massage styles; rolling, spot and kneading. It promises to provide its customers with the safest and highest quality products.

This massage cushion is FDA listed, and Zyllion has taken extra steps to be registered as one. This product will provide massages at the neck, lower back, and upper back.

The massager helps in relieving muscle tension and recovers blood circulation. Upper and lower back pains can also be treated using this massager. The dual vibrating motors relax the body and improve metabolism.

This massager is versatile as it is perfect for full back, upper back and lower back massage. This product provides benefits like improving blood circulation, relieving shoulder pain, relieving stress and fatigue. The heating function enhances all of this giving soothing massage.


  • check
    FDA listed
  • check
    Can support any weight in upright position
  • check
    Spot massage features offers targeted massage to upper shoulders


  • Not suitable for use in car due to size and no car adapter
  • Not foldable
  • Bulky

The product gives you a decent massage due to its ergonomic design and features. This massager is preferred for those who want to have a massage at home. Not suitable for car and traveling.

2. Gideon™ Customizable Massaging Cushion Review

The luxury massaging pad is a six program massager that allows you to experience a tailored massage. This product is suitable to work at home, office or even in the car.

The massage chair pad provides relief to pain, tension, knots, and aches while calming and relaxing you in your chair at home, office or in your car. The main features include 3D massaging nodes giving you precise spot selection.

You can select the speed for your massage as well. This product will focus on your full back, lower back and upper back. The vibration massage and rolling massage features will help you improve your posture and loosen tight muscles.

The therapeutic heat function provides gentle warmth to your body during the massage and helps you ease from stress. Lastly, there is a timer function that automatically shuts off the massager according to the time selected.


  • check
    Noise free and quiet massage
  • check
    Remote control operation
  • check
    Flexible and convenient in handling


  • Heat function is weak
  • Does not focus on neck especially for taller people

This product is the most versatile among others due to its flexibility and being able to use anywhere. The four 3D rotating nodes provide a deep and powerful massage to your body. This is one of the best products for you to take home and relax.

3. Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Seat Cushion Review

The Shiatsu neck and back massager comes with the heat function and has adjustable height. This massager is a mainly designed to be placed on your car seat and have a massage while commuting.  

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This product is easy to use and carry as it is flexible and foldable. Have a full back and neck massage at home, in the office or on the car seat. The deep massage will provide relief from stress keeping you relaxed all day.

The main features include four functions of back swaying, neck kneading, heating and seat vibration. The product comes with a handheld remote that allows you to tailor your massage. The model shuts off after 15 minutes automatically to ensure safety.


  • check
    Powerful neck massage
  • check
    Adjustable height
  • check
    Spot massage feature
  • check
    Best for car use, except driving seat


  • Auto shut off timer is only 15 minutes
  • Not ideal for a person who is shorter than 5’5” or taller than 6’3.”

The Naipo Massage chair pad is designed to provide you a full back and neck massage. It is a great option for those who have a regular stiff neck. The product is good for its price.

4. Belmint Shiatsu Back Massager Pad Review

The Shiatsu nodes are adjustable and provide a soothing to the back. Four massage nodes provide deep kneading to the back and lumber area.

The Rolling massage feature has adjustable positions, focuses on selected areas and adjusts height and width. The seat cushion features a 3 level vibration mode.

This product can be used at home, office or in the car. The car adapter is included in the product. The customizable ability of this massager gives you complete control of your massage experience. The product comes with an adjustable back strap that lets you fix it on any chair or seat.


  • check
    Full back and neck massage
  • check
    Complete customization of your massage according to your needs
  • check
    Eight deep kneading nodes
  • check
    Portable and handy design


  • Auto shut off timer is only 15 minutes
  • Only one year warranty

The Belmint is a customizable neck and back massager that has all the features you need. This advanced massage cushion is perfect for those who frequently have lower back and neck pains. The massager can be the right choice as it allows you to customize your massage according to your needs.

5. HoMedics Massage Cushion Review

The HoMedics Massage Cushion features the 3D contour technology that provides deep massage. The heat feature provides a soothing and relaxing feel to your body. The massage cushion features the forward and backward massage function.


  • check
  • check
    Easy to carry and use
  • check
    Comes with hand control


  • No Spot massage feature
  • Does not have the time feature

The HoMedics Massage Cushion is the right choice for those who want a simple massage and not want to focus on any region specifically.

Wrap up

The market is full of different massagers that provide different features and functions. We have compiled the massage chair pad reviews to help you in selecting the best one for yourselves according to your need and requirements. The clear winner among these is the Belmint Shiatsu Cushion. It can give you a full back massage and also focus on the desired areas. The only drawback of this product is the warranty. You can use it anywhere in your home, office or while in the car. This handy, lightweight massager will make you relieved from all the stresses and pains of the day. It can be your long-term solution as well. We hope that our buyer’s guide will help you in buying the right product for your massage solutions.