Best Ektorp Chair Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

Armchairs or as a brand would call it Ektorp chairs are one of the essential and standard pieces of furniture in houses. These chairs are perfect for a lazy day of reading, watching television, or just sitting for a conversation.

You can place an armchair anywhere in your house and increase the seating space. You can also buy the easily replaceable covers that you can change according to need, mood, or season.

The key to selecting the right chair cover for your purpose is to consider its style, fabric, size, and every other feature that not only ensures your comfort level but also matches your personality and your house.

We have compiled a detailed ektorp chair review along with a comparison of the top products to ensure that you can stay within your budget. A few of the best chair covers include:

Product Name


Our Rating


The Dense Cotton Ektorp Chair Cover

Top Best

Ikea Ektorp Tullsta-Slipcover for Armchair

The 2nd

The Cotton Light Gray Ektorp Jennylund Cover

The 3rd

IKEA Ektorp Chair Cover, Tygelsjo Beige

The 4th

The Dark Gray Ektorp Tullsta Chair Cover

The 5th

Buyer’s Guide

Ektorp chairs are the best armchairs the market has to offer. One of the best features it offers is easy to change covers. An ektorp chair can bring elegance as well as a casual look in your house depending on which one do you think is the best.

To keep it perfect, you will need to buy some covers, look at the style, and purpose of use, fabric and other details. Read on to remove several questions about ektorp chairs covers and find the one that suits your needs and budget the most with our top picks.

The Dense Cotton Ektorp Chair Cover

The Dense Cotton Ektorp Chair Cover

Where is your chair placed?

IKEA EKTORP TULLSTA – Slipcover for Armchair

IKEA EKTORP TULLSTA – Slipcover for Armchair

There are many different types of Ektorp chairs for various areas of the house. If you have decided that you want to buy one, you need to know where you want to keep it.

The location of the chair will help you determine its size, style, fabric and every other detail. For example, if you want to keep it in your living room, you will want it to go with the rest of your sofas.

Alternatively, if you would like to keep it in your children’s room, you will want to fabric softer and the print a little more childish than you would want in the living room. 

Hence, determining the place will help you narrow down your options; this will help you decide how often you will have to change the cover and which will suit the room the most.

What style is your chair?

The first thing that you should choose after selecting a location for the seat cover is to choose a style. If you know what you want to use it for, you can pick a style accordingly.

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However, you also need to keep in mind the home décor. Additionally, it is important that your style fit chair like a glove.

For example, if you want your chair is with the wall and a heightened one, choosing a dark color one can be a better option. Furthermore, there are many more designs to choose. Take a look at style carefully and figure out which one will go best with your location. 

The Cotton Light Gray Ektorp Jennylund Cover

The Cotton Light Gray Ektorp Jennylund Cover

Do not pick the wrong style that is in your budget, instead look for the style you want and in your budget. Choosing the wrong style can ruin your home look.

What size is ideal for cushions?

IKEA Ektorp Chair Cover, Tygelsjo Beige

IKEA Ektorp Chair Cover, Tygelsjo Beige

You will find Ektorp Chairs in many different sizes in single seats. Hence, you will have to choose the cover according to the furniture.

However, you should buy the one that suits your needs. If you purchase a cover slightly bigger or smaller, you can ruin the shape of your couch.

However, if you think that the cover shall shrink after washing it, you can buy dimensions a few inches more than the actual chair.

Additionally, you will find that covers are not adjustable; they are different for each model of Ektorp chairs. Hence, it is wise to take dimensions of the cushions with you.

Which cover is the most suitable one?

You will find yourself surrounded by different textures and designs of fabrics when you go to buy your Ektorp chairs. However, this may be one o your hardest decisions.

To narrow it out, first of all, think back on the décor of the place where you have to put it along with thinking about the colors of the rest of the furniture around it. Once you have narrowed down the color, do the same for the design.

The Dark Gray Ektorp Tullsta Chair Cover

The Dark Gray Ektorp Tullsta Chair Cover

However, the most challenge may be in the fabric itself. You can choose leather or cloth type of fabric. Whatever type you want, the ideal material is one that can be easily replaced with time without professional help. Also, one that is waterproof and weather proof is perfect for increased durability.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fabric?

If you decide to buy cloth fabric, then you will have many benefits and disadvantages. Here are a few of them

  1. You will find it more economical
  2. Easy to change covers
  3. A huge range to choose from
  4. However, less durable
  5. Easy to stain

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather?

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing leather as the perfect option for you.

  1. Style that never goes out of date
  2. More durable than fabric
  3. Will be stronger with time
  4. More expensive
  5. Requires regular maintenance

What factors should it stand?

An ideal cover will be able to handle a few important things. It will be waterproof and will not shrink in any case. It will be able to handle liquid stains and will have the microfibers to help remove quickly.

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Moreover, an ideal cover will be able to stand solid stains too. Usually, the cloth used has made in technology that does not allow any stain to remain stubborn for a long time. An ideal cover will also have a small bit of elasticity which will ensure that the cover remains easy to fit and does not rip while you are trying to slip it in.

Are the reclining covers different?

Yes, the reclining covers are a lot more different than the regular ones. These covers have more pieces and have a different approach to their material.

Additionally, these covers are more complicated to change than the regular ones. The reclining covers will have separate covers for the handle, the headrest, the cushion, and the footrest; this will make it a complicated process to change the cover every few days, so you will find yourself changing them once every few months only.​

Additionally, reclining covers tend to be softer and smoother for a relaxing experience.

Best Ektorp Chair Review 

The following are the top products that we could find that will help you compare the different products in the market. Take a look at the separate pros and cons of each product to make up your mind.

1. The Dense Cotton Ektorp Chair Cover Review

This Ektorp chair cover is made purely from cotton with IKEA’s Ektorp chair style. You can choose some different covers to change them whenever you want. The covers are not waterproof but have the option to dry clean them easily maintain them.


  • check
    Easy to slip on covers
  • check
    Incredibly soft fabric
  • check
    Multiple colors and designs available


  • Not waterproof decreases durability
  • Only fits Ektorp chair styles and not other arm chairs

This Ektorp style covers are easy to slip on for your Ektorp chairs. These are custom made and are cheaper than other covers. Their lack of potential to stand water makes you give them a second thought, however, with colors and material, you will not keep your hands off it.

2. The Dark Gray Ektorp Tullsta Chair Cover Review

This cover is specially designed for IKEA Ektorp Tullsta chairs. These are made from mixed cotton providing you a soft material. With some different colors, you can pick the best one of your choice.


  • check
    Perfectly fits the IKEA Ektorp Tullsta chair
  • check
    Can easily be slipped out and slipped on
  • check
    Long lasting fabric


  • Dry cleaning option only
  • Not very elastic

These slipcovers are custom designed for IKEA ektorp Tullsta chairs. The covers are durable and can easily be changed, however, they stand only dry cleaning; this makes them a bad option if you have children at home who tend to spill liquids. Additionally, it may be hard because of the lack of elasticity to fit the covers even after the secure cover slip on feature.

3. IKEA EKTORP TULLSTA – Slipcover for Armchair Review


  • check
    100% cotton gives a soft touch
  • check
    Washable material increases life
  • check
    Can fit over vinyl covers as well


  • Only in one color
  • Sometimes while washing the fabric might shrink

Even though IKEA has designed this slip cover for their product, they have not introduced many options with it. Colors like white are easily available whereas people go for vibrant colors. The 100% cotton is a cherry on top, however, sometimes the cover is not shrunk which makes it risky to wash without shrinking it.

4. The Cotton Light Gray Ektorp Jennylund Cover Review

The cotton slip on cover for IKEAs Ektorp Jennylund range is perfect high quality and long-lasting material that will give you the convenience of changing the cover anytime you wish. You can choose from two different covers and enjoy the soft material it has to offer.


  • check
    High-quality cotton makes it smooth
  • check
    Fabric makes slip on further easier
  • check
    Two different colors to choose from


  • Spills may ruin the fabric
  • Dry cleaning option only

This cotton slip on cover for IKEAs Jennylund Ektorp chair has two different colors for you to choose your favorite. You can change colors as you like in addition to cleaning them. However, you may not use water on them since they are more likely to shrink. Mixed cotton does not allow shrinking when interacting with water.

5. IKEA Ektorp Chair Cover, Tygelsjo Beige Review

This custom made cover by IKEA is for its product as well which allows a perfect fit. It is available in one color only; however, the mixed material lets you wash it without being afraid of getting shrunken. 


  • check
    Material does not shrink while washing
  • check
    Easy to slip on
  • check
    Material is very soft


  • Cannot fit any other model chair
  • Only one color available

With this IKEA product, you cannot go wrong since it is designed for their chair. However, lack of versatility including adjustability and colors in the product does not make it the first choice for many customers. However, its material will surely make you want more every time you feel it.

Wrap up

After reading this ektorp chair review, you find yourself changing your furniture frequently with new covers that growth your personality, mood, or need. However, some covers have major flaws like cotton that shrinks in the water. Before you buy the perfect covers, ensure that you take an in-depth look at the material and its smoothness. Additionally, you can buy covers of various colors and designs without compromising on quality. Always take the size and style of your chair with you, if not, and then ask the supplier to give it to you on a return basis. Ensure that the cover package contains covers for all parts of the chair for your convenience.