Best console gaming chair of 2018 & Buying Guide

In today’s era, all of us are luxury and comfort oriented. We earn millions to improve the living standards which ultimately lead us to have a more luxurious life.

Gamers are so enthusiastic and wild about their games that they forget the tick tock of the watch and play games for hours or days even. Some gamers wait for their spare time and play it according to their free time.

Hence the best console gaming chair will be different for different users. However, before rushing to buy the ideal chair you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the chair, taste and the habit of using.

Therefore, to ease your problem, in this article we will give a brief guideline for choosing the best console gaming chair.

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Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair

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Essentials Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

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Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair

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Buying Guide:

The purchasing decision is hard when we are not entirely sure about the product. There are the numerous console chairs in the market, but a person should have a clear and accurate idea to choose the best among millions.

Here are the following factors a person needs to know before rushing to buy the best console chair for the best after sale experience.

Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair

Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair

How can I determine my size for the gaming chair?

Essentials Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

Essentials Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

There are many people who complain after buying expensive console gaming chairs. The reason is that they do not buy it according to their height and weight.

 Therefore they cannot enjoy the proper fitting and best experience while sitting on the chair. Brands like DXRacer make the chairs for people having different body dimensions or build.

Unfortunately, many chairs do not state about their weight capacity. However, you should go for the max weight capacity to get more comfort and proper fitting.

Will the chair vary for the casual gamers and long term gamers?

The type, as well as the price, can vary. Casual gamers spend a little time on gaming while long term gamers stick to their games or computer for hours.

So it is better for long term gamers to have a best and a bit expensive console chair so they can enjoy the comfort.

Moreover, don’t have to replace it over and over again. Casual gamers with less budget can have bean bag chairs or wheelbase chairs.

What is the major distinction in structure and shape between office chair and console gaming chair?

Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair

Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair

Generally speaking, these chairs do not have any major distinction while talking about their functionality and shape. Gaming chairs will have gaming themes, bright colors and make someone feel that the person has become part of the game.

They might have some racing car seats to look more fascinating. Some gaming chairs will have armrests option along with neck and lumber options to provide more comfort. 

The gaming chairs are more comfortable and especially build to provide an extreme level of comfort. While the office chairs have sober and plane themes, their ultimate purpose is not to provide with a high level of comfort as they are for office work.

What factors include the performance and endurance of the best console chair?

Good looks are always not necessary for the gaming chair to work perfectly. The attractive themes attract you more to buy these chairs.

However, comfort is the factor which should be a fundamental factor while making a purchasing decision. It should be comfortable and provide sturdy and hard structure.

Meat and skin mean the sitting should have highly build raw material as they are the source for the comfort level. The moving parts or joints also function well to enhance the functionality and durability of the chair.

It should have easy assembled to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, it should have adjustment options to provide their user a more healthy experience.

What is a rocker or pedestal base rockers how its features differ from others gaming console chairs?

It has different types of pedestal base having no base only. It looks like a couch. These are best comfortable and cozy partners while playing games on big screens.

 It has hidden speakers, which is an amazing feature. It is a feature-full and the coziest type of console chairs. People also prefer this chair while watching movies, reading books, or for chilling purposes. It makes gaming more enjoyable and thrilling.

What are some other benefits of console chair?

  • Console gaming chairs are specially designed to enhance the experience and comfort for the gamers. Moreover, they perform their prescribed degree at the highest level.
  • These are healthy to use as they provide great support for their neck lumber and arms.
  • The fascinating and gaming themes add more amazement for the users hence making these chair more desirable to have.
  • They are more durable and provide more features and function as compared to the basic office chair.
  • Sitting in chairs are more comfortable; joints are more yet easily movable to enhance the gaming experience.

Which is best and more compatible bean bag chairs VS wheelbase gaming chair for casual gamers?

Bean bag chairs are the most comfortable and cheap choice one can consider while making a purchasing decision. These are comfortable as well as affordable for most of the people.

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It cannot act as a perfect console gaming chair but can be a good alternative due to the portability and affordability factors. The wheelbase gaming chairs are most convenient and comfortable for PC gaming.

These are a bit expensive than bean bags but yet more formal and comfortable.  These are always proven to be great. These chairs with extra support for neck and lumber make the job perfectly, and you can enjoy the games for hours without any discomfort.

Top 4 Best console gaming chair Reviews

We have taken some best type of gaming console chairs. To make people realize about the current market trend with top trending features of the product.

1. Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

This product is for high comfort level for the casual and long user. It comes with comfortable padding with neck rest and lumbar support option. It also has a racing video game design which often fascinates the gamer. Weight capacity is 300 lbs with an adjustable back option.


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    Assembly is easy. It comes with user guide. You can take more via email to the manufacturers or suppliers of the product.
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    The ergonomic design comes with an adjustable and cushiony design with high adjustability.
  • check
    It is manufactured with high solid metals to aid in the durability of the product.


  • Some metals parts are roughly and painted.
  • It has a typical design with no novelty from its predecessor’s Ergonomic chair.

This product has awesome and pleasant colors. It often creates a problem for the new users while assembling. It is good if you are using it for not long durations. Though it has adjustment options often is hard to move.

2. Essentials Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN) Review

This console chair has high durability and stability. It is reliable and comes with the luxurious features. It is a race car style teacher who comes with quality leather. This chair comes with the 250 pounds resistance and can tolerate high and rough usage.


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    It comes with height adjustment option, reclining note, 360-degree swivel moreover with lift up arm option.
  • check
    It has molded segmented and padded option for the headrest and arms.
  • check
    The chair comes with three-year repairing warranty.


  • The assembly is often confusing. Even after reading proper instruction the confusion persists.
  • It is for aggressive and high sitting use.
  • The product is expensive than its competitors.
  • It is heavy with less portability.

3. Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

It is a blackish green chair having a weight equal to 350 LBS.  This design provides high comfort with great performance. It also has removability option of head rest and for lumber to add more flexibility and conformance.


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    This chair has five wheels, which is very easy to move.
  • check
    It is not expensive. Hence it is affordable for most of the users.
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    It is manufactured with Pure leather to add more comfort while long or intense gaming session.
  • check
    You can easily assemble the chair
  • check
    95 lbs.; lighter than many similar options.


  • The raw material is not that durable. Hence the chair does not provide with the best gaming experience.
  • The product is easily breakable.

This chair does not come with any fascinating or different theme. It is the good and affordable choice for most of the users. However, talking about the intense users of games the experience would be that satisfactory. It is not durable and not comfortable for a long time sitting. You can invest more and can have a better choice than this chair.

4. Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair Review

Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair is a comfortable product and can provide you with a great experience while studying or playing. It has a weight equal to 300 pounds and bears the maximum weight capacity for the high comfort level. It is made up premium and pure leather to add durability to the chair.


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    It has a tilt locking mechanism option. It means it can be adjusted 90-180 angle.
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    Coaster wheels make you easily move the chair
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    A gas spring cylinder is there for high adjustability.


  • The chair is not durable.
  • Leather deteriorates after some period.

It is a cheap and affordable chair. The product comes with some decent features. Though the product is not reasonably reliable, it is worth purchasing according to its price range. A person can enjoy the good but not comfortable and luxurious experience with the chairs.


The market has many console chairs to offer. Best gaming chairs are always the keen interest for people who play games. They always attempt to discover their dream console chair. These chairs are the special chairs to enhance the gaming experience for the gamers. These chairs are more comfortable, feature full and durable. This article was written to provide the people a comprehensive knowledge about these chairs to make a right purchasing decision for the best console gaming chair.