About Us

An epidemic that is quietly decreasing years to our lives is spreading all over the world and it is neither drugs or obesity. It is sitting, something that we do every day at our work place or at home and there is no avoiding sitting. However, with the right chairs, your bodies can effectively kill the damage that sitting does to our bodies.

I too spend a substantial amount of time sitting in front of the computer doing all of my work. Earlier I was using an old chair that had poor / no design which was uncomfortable, to say the least, and over time led to back aches and small pains that soon aggregated to become really troublesome for my health and well-being. When I started taking a closer look at potential options that could make a difference to my overall health. I realized that the number of options could overwhelm anyone into making a wrong buying decision and looked around for good reviews to buy a chair. Surprising I couldn’t find many websites that were solely focused on reviewing chairs. So I started my own website to help anyone who is looking to buy better more ergonomic chairs to protect their backs and lead a healthy lifestyle.

A chair is an important part of the furniture set for your home as well as your office space. The right set of the chair for your body type can make a huge difference to the well being of your spine. Not just that, with a well-designed chair you will also see an improvement in your productivity.

To provide you with the best reviews, I myself research on every chair and chair accessory review that you will see here and also suggest the best ones out there focusing on the build of the chair’s durability, design, color, and affordability so that you know exactly what you are looking for when out buying. Chairs are an important part of the aesthetics of your place and can elevate the look of your home or office.

When looking for the right chairs to buy, you need to consider your body shape, the height of the chair and the seat width and depth. On this site, you will find detailed reviews on the best brands and compare costs to land at the best choice. I write these reviews for anyone who is looking to shift to a healthier lifestyle and considering buying better chairs for their use. My reviews are honest and authentic and ensure that you are aware of all the pros and cons that come with any particular chair. Not just chairs, if you want to add a seat cover or back cushion then things get even more complicated with even greater choices to make. Here also I have taken the time to carefully review each and every product so that sitting every day doesn’t become a pain in your neck, literally.

Use this site as a knowledge resource so you are well informed on what’s new, looks good and feels great to sit on. Remember the right chair will elevate the look of your place, make you feel more comfortable, be easy on your spine and help you maintain focus for much longer hours. I regularly write reviews of new products so keep checking my website for new updates.