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  1. Yozshurisar
    Yozshurisar 9 months ago

    That would also be nothing to do with it.

  2. Mitaur
    Mitaur 8 months ago

    No, it actually happened.

  3. Asian Food Edmonton
    Samuzil 8 months ago

    For one thing the Christian belief doesn't believe in evolution and the Bible mentions dinosaurs only they are called behemoths since dinosaurs is a recent word.

  4. Знакомства
    Fenrishura 8 months ago

    My brothers have tattoos

  5. Знакомства
    Gukasa 8 months ago

    Trump is at 29% if we are to trust this poll.

  6. Kezilkree
    Kezilkree 8 months ago

    so a pigmented cloth proves the creator of the entire universe.

  7. Molmaran
    Molmaran 7 months ago

    Please tell me you are not as stupid as you're making yourself out to be. I just named three off the top of my head and one of them was with a truck.

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