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  1. Nisida
    Nisida 11 months ago

    nothing is perfect except excuses

  2. Viktilar
    Viktilar 11 months ago

    I wager McCain is occupied reading his "Welcome to Hell" orentation booklet.

  3. Kajitaur
    Kajitaur 11 months ago

    the Cult of Trump ... weak minds will always find a bully to follow

  4. Persons tightness tingling
    Faejinn 10 months ago

    According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, we have one alleged direct quote from Anaximander. This is found in Simplicius' works. Simplicius lived 1200 years after Anaximander and I doubt we have any original copies of that. But this is what is attributed to him

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Persons tightness tingling
Persons tightness tingling