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  1. Interaction teens for teens
    Malamuro 11 months ago

    The difference being that corporations and the other examples you cite don't have as their founding basis superstitious nonsense that has no value and no meaning, no basis in fact, and is made up out of whole cloth. If you wanted to use accurate examples then you should have said things like astrologists, palm readers and seers.

  2. Goltinos
    Goltinos 11 months ago

    Obama regime never saw GDP growth of 4.1% Unemployment was never this low and the smarmy Obama said that, "Manufacturing jobs are never coming back". Well, guess what, new steel plants are opening, coal production is up, tech companies are expanding........ virtually none of this happened under Obama...

  3. Malashura
    Malashura 11 months ago

    wot, no mankini???

  4. Interaction teens for teens
    Kazrasida 11 months ago

    It is probably easier to look at the specific effects on the economic position of women, as opposed to the economy as a whole.

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Interaction teens for teens