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  1. Andy member shows
    Vudotaur 11 months ago

    Not being an a$$hole isn't enough? What more is there?

  2. Nisho
    Nisho 11 months ago

    Considering NK is not denuclearized and they are building a new ICBM...

  3. Dairg
    Dairg 11 months ago

    Our system is a capitalist system.

  4. Знакомства
    Shaktilmaran 10 months ago

    Do the non religious legislate their non religiousness? Maybe not in this country (yet). But certainly in other countries. China for example and North Korea.

  5. JoJokasa
    JoJokasa 10 months ago

    You must live in San Francisco

  6. Andy member shows
    Nikojin 10 months ago

    Your description of the God of the Old Testament is about what I'd expect from someone with a surface-level understanding of the Bible and the reasoning of a petulant teen.

  7. Andy member shows
    Kajigar 10 months ago

    [" The laws of physics don?t permit the Universe to exist, unless a supernatural Creator made it."]

  8. Знакомства
    Megore 10 months ago

    In this case, the couple can use an insanity defense.

  9. Dataxe
    Dataxe 9 months ago

    Invites sent and Image added..

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