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  1. Faegar
    Faegar 8 months ago

    Giving up riches and following Jesus isn't the full extent of the entire process. That just getting started. Being shallow-minded, pretentious and superficial will ALWAYS backfire and shoot you in the foot. -Then you fall short.

  2. Facial nerve twitching
    Arashiran 8 months ago

    So you are comparing aborigines to dinosaurs. Kind of like how people used to compare Africans with monkeys?

  3. Знакомства
    Julabar 8 months ago

    From a scientific perspective, I salute you.

  4. Facial nerve twitching
    Shaktijin 8 months ago

    Because I know what I speak of. I am not a believer. I speak boldly in knowledge of the plan of salvation

  5. Kagami
    Kagami 7 months ago

    Biology exists outside of religion.

  6. Facial nerve twitching
    Dugis 7 months ago

    Good vibes your way ma bro ???????????? Kindness from strangers is more comforting than from your own friends and family some times.

  7. Facial nerve twitching
    Dilrajas 7 months ago

    Do you consider a friend taking out a home equity loan via bank fraud and asking a favor of a tabloid to buy a story weeks before a presidential election personal?

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Facial nerve twitching
Facial nerve twitching