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  1. Girl or many Russian brides Babes
    Gusar 11 months ago

    Christian ideology says that you go the extra mile, give someone who asks of you, if they ask for your shirt give them your coat as well. Look -- the baker is *not* following the example of Jesus Christ here.

  2. Goran
    Goran 11 months ago

    that's the point

  3. Girl or many Russian brides Babes
    Yozshurr 11 months ago

    That particular comment was just one of several he made to several people. He was here to yank people's chains and more than likely a sock.

  4. Tataur
    Tataur 10 months ago

    I don't get depressed ya whackadoodle I'm just so exhausted I went and rode horses, had a bbq, and then shot at sh!t . It was a busy day

  5. Знакомства
    Mokus 10 months ago

    It says they failed to get out and vote because nobody in their right mind thougthought there were enough mindless racist homophobes out there to elect him.

  6. Girl or many Russian brides Babes
    Majin 10 months ago

    I see you are getting lost....or just deflecting, let me refresh your memory on where the conversation began:

  7. Nijind
    Nijind 10 months ago

    Did'nt have to be a race driver to pull the chicks. Owning the Team will do it.

  8. Kazikora
    Kazikora 9 months ago

    If you're a geologist and a YEC would that help or hinder your profession? Can one be a biologist while not recognizing the facts of evolution?

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Girl or many Russian brides Babes
Girl or many Russian brides Babes