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  1. Family guy bikini
    Fezilkree 11 months ago

    There definitely is something in the water. My cousin who was 22 years old also killed himself last week. He hung himself. It was sad to hear the news but him and I weren?t really that close. And it?s weird because he lives in Michigan. I?m wondering if you even know him!!

  2. Знакомства
    Zulkir 11 months ago

    I'm a born Swiss, sure I can't ! ??

  3. Family guy bikini
    Goltisho 11 months ago

    PW is just an individual?s choice. All choices we make have consequences. We will learn the correct

  4. Family guy bikini
    Dashura 11 months ago

    Ok let?s say it surpasses physical death. Then what?

  5. Family guy bikini
    Mikasa 11 months ago

    Yes they can BUT what does that have to do with anything! The majority of American's are calling for stricter gun laws BUT in a REPUBLIC they don't get to dictate!

  6. Family guy bikini
    Dat 10 months ago

    Again, do I have to be in order to know what is and isn't a word?

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