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  1. Знакомства
    Akinosar 11 months ago

    I'm sorry. I was a handful and joined a gang. My parents had to send me off for relatives to finish raising me.

  2. Mesar
    Mesar 11 months ago

    So how many of the out of wedlock births now are with couples that just haven't married? We don't have those statistics. And there a lot of variables and the article I read showed that there is no consensus on what the causes are. Before you had 'shotgun weddings' so the girl was pregnant but was married when the child was born. Now no one cares.

  3. Nikki Nova Striptease
    Malakus 11 months ago

    I do see your point and on some occasions I would entertain it and perhaps agree but this is not one of the occasions.

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Nikki Nova Striptease
Nikki Nova Striptease