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  1. Devil Spaniard
    Magami 11 months ago

    What word do you use in place of it???

  2. Знакомства
    Vudojind 11 months ago

    Nah, they'd still work I think.

  3. Devil Spaniard
    Yozshuzil 10 months ago

    Mod comment: This homophobic style of posting is not welcome here. Do not repeat this nonsense.

  4. Devil Spaniard
    Mudal 10 months ago

    I didn't read it. As I said I have a brain and on occasion I have been known to use it. Just the situation indicated to me they were targeted.

  5. Zulkijin
    Zulkijin 10 months ago

    Wait! I missed it? I bet you're prettier then I am...????????

  6. Devil Spaniard
    Jutilar 10 months ago

    But YOU don't.

  7. Знакомства
    Mill 10 months ago

    Wrong. Most often than not, you get paid for what value you bring to a company, Work harder, get educated, get better pay.

  8. Moramar
    Moramar 10 months ago

    "3. Muhammad?s example is another important source of Islam"

  9. Devil Spaniard
    Kegore 10 months ago

    And from your offerings I can with full confidence say that you are a full blown prog that's having the longest TDS meltdown anyone could have. By far the worst here. IF YOU can make the case, why hasn't Big Rob hired you on ?

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