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  1. Devil Spaniard
    Magami 9 months ago

    What word do you use in place of it???

  2. Знакомства
    Vudojind 8 months ago

    Nah, they'd still work I think.

  3. Devil Spaniard
    Yozshuzil 8 months ago

    Mod comment: This homophobic style of posting is not welcome here. Do not repeat this nonsense.

  4. Devil Spaniard
    Mudal 8 months ago

    I didn't read it. As I said I have a brain and on occasion I have been known to use it. Just the situation indicated to me they were targeted.

  5. Zulkijin
    Zulkijin 8 months ago

    Wait! I missed it? I bet you're prettier then I am...????????

  6. Devil Spaniard
    Jutilar 8 months ago

    But YOU don't.

  7. Знакомства
    Mill 8 months ago

    Wrong. Most often than not, you get paid for what value you bring to a company, Work harder, get educated, get better pay.

  8. Moramar
    Moramar 7 months ago

    "3. Muhammad?s example is another important source of Islam"

  9. Devil Spaniard
    Kegore 7 months ago

    And from your offerings I can with full confidence say that you are a full blown prog that's having the longest TDS meltdown anyone could have. By far the worst here. IF YOU can make the case, why hasn't Big Rob hired you on ?

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