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  1. Gardagore
    Gardagore 11 months ago

    Four and a half out of 8....

  2. Kanris
    Kanris 11 months ago

    We men are often big boobs, but I didn't know it was genetic, lol.

  3. Vokinos
    Vokinos 11 months ago

    But if he died for our LIFE that is infinite, why bother with this life that is so short and filled with plagues? If He wants us to reach the forever after, why not place us there in the first place, and to Hell with this test we euphemistically call reality?

  4. Знакомства
    Vuzahn 11 months ago

    It's definitely not treason. Virtually nobody in the U.S. has been convicted of treason (wikipedia lists 14 people). The requirements are ridiculously stringent and, it must be pointed out, Russia is no an official enemy of the United States ("Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort"). That's the sort of histrionic talk that makes normal people roll their eyes over this Russia hysteria.

  5. Old blonde in pantyhose
    Tujind 10 months ago

    Yes that's true

  6. Old blonde in pantyhose
    Faezragore 10 months ago

    Dozens of indictments = nothing on tRUmp.

  7. Mazule
    Mazule 10 months ago

    Lives were destroyed even though it didn't involve violence. Drug crimes aren't always violent yet can result in much harsher punishments.

  8. Dikus
    Dikus 10 months ago

    2. Hillary committed some crime somewhere but we just cant find any evidence to get an indictment. The retired grandmother is just so much smarter and more powerful than all the conservatives in power .

  9. Daisar
    Daisar 9 months ago

    It was clearly an attempt to influence the democratic decision making in the UK. Becoming an independent nation is hardly detrimental. But we are still faced with external and internal interference in making it happen.

  10. Meztim
    Meztim 9 months ago

    Well, as I stated in my last post, when this goes to SCOTUS, it will not be a contract law case so your hypotheticals completely miss the mark as to what is really at stake.

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Old blonde in pantyhose